Sunday, October 16, 2011

chapter 1: The lost brothers found.

One day in a the vally of vandansen a child named Tyler age of 17, was training in the woods for football when his mother called him in for dinner. He went in the house and smelled eggs, and ham. After they at he went on a nature walk, but somthing was wrong. The air was heavy and uneven.

like any boy his age he ignored it and kep on walking. After about a half an hour he found a device about the size of a T.V. remote. He was courious of what it did so he pressed a button and zaapppp he was gone.  He woke up about three hours later in a 13th centry hospital and was very confused then passed out again. He awoke about three days latter with a shadowy figure above him.......

When he fully gained conciousness the figure nexted to his bed said "Hello brother" and Tyler was very confused. His brother explaind that they where seperated at birth and a few years ago he was pulled back in time the same way. He told them about the caves fortelling two brothers coming back in time to save the world from the dark lord zangtot and that one of the brothers would get the sword in the future.

"By the way my name is Keagan" said Tyler's brother. "Hello" said Tyler to Keagan "My name is Tyler". "So how do we get back to the future" said Tyler. "I don't know quite yet but we will find out in the future" said Keagan. "So we will just have to wait tell then I Guess" said Tyler. "I guess" said Keagan........

Coming soon Chapter 2: The adventure starts.